The Flower Valley Global Wine Expo will be the first permanent EXPO facility in the world and participation is by invitation only.  The EXPO anticipates receiving 500 - 1,000 guests per day.  The grounds are just 15 minutes northwest of the most visited entrance to the Great Wall, and 60 and 90 minutes respectively from Beijing and Tianjin, two major metro areas that have a combined population of 50 million.



Each participating winery will have a ½ acre site with a free-standing Tasting Room of 4,500 sq.ft.  Each building will be two stories, containing the main tasting area and a VIP Room.



One of the most compelling benefits to participating in the Flower Valley Global Wine Expo is that the Chinese government has pre-approved the formation of 40 wholly-owned foreign enterprise companies (WOFEs), so each participant will have its own distribution company.  This provides a myriad of benefits to the participants, including:



Because there are so few distribution companies in China, the mark-ups that have been added to the landed cost of  wine have been onerous. Global Wine Expo will only mark-up the wine 36% (equivalent to a 26.5% GPM) above the landed cost. Your WOFE will then re-purchase the wine and you will set the price.  In addition to making your wine more attractive to consumers at the EXPO, there will be a dedicated sales team that will wholesale your wine to institutional buyers and restaurants.



In addition to eliminating expensive middle-men, your wine will be transported under ideal conditions (refrigerated containers) and upon arriving at the EXPO will be placed in a secure and temperature-controlled warehouse. Anyone buying at the EXPO  will be guaranteed that the wine is genuine and has been properly handled each step in the process.



The Chinese wine market is experiencing explosive growth and participating wineries will have the opportunity to be a part of that growth.  Your product is guaranteed to be genuine, is more attractively priced and sold by a team that will be focusing exclusively on wines that are being sold at the Expo. These factors will improve your results in the world’s fastest emerging wine market.